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10.07.2009 || 10:26 p.m.

Is this on? People of earth. I am a zombie robot priest lizard monkey. Fear me. Love me. (Also you should check out my band if you live in Nashville, Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus (OH), St Louis, Memphis, or Asheville (NC).
illicitizen tour

Everything is a lie. Sell the car. Sell the house. Leave your family. Blow sh*t up.

08.21.2009 || 9:04 p.m.

Whoah, you motherfuckers would not believe the life I have lead. So mundane. So pointless.

06.18.2004 || 8:52 p.m.

ok fuckers

I may not get back to this pot of filth I once kept up.

The good news is I have a new pot of filth; that I actually started (before this one)but never followed through on...typical.

sticky blog -a lamer and tamer borish look at the microcosm that is...you know.

04.05.2004 || 11:10 a.m.


Woot I got two CDs. BB got waylayed from his CDBurner so he sent me both the

Broken Social Scene's - You Forgot It In People CD .

1. Capture the Flag - 2:08
2. KC Accidental - 3:50
3. Stars and Sons - 5:08
4. Almost Crimes - 4:22
5. Looks Just Like the Sun - 4:23
6. Pacific Theme - 5:09
7. Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl - 4:35
8. Cause = Time - 5:30
9. Late Nineties Bedroom Rock for the... - 3:46
10. Shampoo Suicide - 4:05
11. Lover's Spit - 6:22
12. I'm Still Your Fag - 4:23
13. Pitter Patter Goes My Heart - 2:26

Kudos BlackBaby. I'll review the BSS first as I am listnening to it right now.

Imagine if an album was allowed to go into the areas it's momentum carried it irregardless of genre-ification by hack ass CD Reviewers? This CD reminds me of the importance of being an artist first. It wanders around with spacey smoothness. The unusul thing is that it still retains a 'sound' throughout the work that reigns in the tendency for the artists to have short attention spans. It whispers, it caws, it's a vocal pallate traced from J Mascis to Thom Yorke. It taps 22 feet in a well placed space.


Soul Jazz Records "Saturday Night Fish Fry" compilation

Saturday Night Fish Fry

1. Pass the Hatchet performed by Roger & The Gypsies - 2:55
2. Mean Man performed by Betty Harris - 2:39
3. Iko Iko performed by Dixie Cups - 2:03
4. Funky Soul performed by David Batiste - 1:57
5. Where Is Love performed by Edlridge Holmes - 1:42
6. Give It Up performed by Lee Dorsey - 3:05
7. Hung Up performed by Salt - 2:13
8. Little Liza Jane performed by Huey Piano Smith - 2:09
9. The Thang, Pt. 2 performed by Eddie Bo - 3:00
10. Soul, Soul, Soul (The Wild Magnolias) performed by Wild Magnolias - 6:11
11. Soul Train performed by Bobby & The Heavyweights - 3:06
12. Break in the Road performed by Betty Harris - 2:49
13. Hump Back performed by Eldridge Holmes - 1:58
14. Message from the Meters performed by Meters - 2:41
15. Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya performed by Dr. John - 5:33
16. Don't Mess With My Man performed by Irma Thomas - 2:20
17. Cold Bear performed by Gaturs - 2:50
18. Roll Call performed by Oliver Morgan - 2:49
19. The Next Ball Game performed by Inell Young - 2:08
20. Yes We Can Can performed by Lee Dorsey - 3:28
21. Ruler of My Heart performed by Irma Thomas - 2:35

I have to express my utter ignorance of 99.95% of these artists (I'd heard of Dr John, but I think it was in an 80's Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull tv commercial). Apparently the source for this was vinyl, which I found intriguing. Mostly all in great shape! Ah the bacon, reminds me of back in the day when my ears still worked pretty good. For a guy who has learned most everything he knows about funk from Terry Gross, and NPR this was a welcome blast of music I would have no doubt never ventured to on my own. I was a little concerned when I saw Iko Iko because I knew too many deadheads with dogs or children named that. But this rework of "Jock O Mo" is free of noodle-y hippy guitar and sticks to the percussion/vocal thang. Overall on all these tracks the guitars are more supa-fly than granoldies. It's got a beat and you can zoot to it.

03.26.2004 || 2:18 p.m.

"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

By Eric Boehlert March 26, 2004 | A former FBI wiretap translator with top-secret security clearance, who has been called "very credible" by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has told Salon she recently testified to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States that the FBI had detailed information prior to Sept. 11, 2001, that a terrorist attack involving airplanes was being plotted.

03.24.2004 || 4:21 p.m.


Here are four other explicit lies that the Administration has told over
the last few days:

LIE: National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice claimed that Clarke
"chose not to" (5) voice his concerns about the Administration's
counterterrorism policy. But Clarke sent an urgent memo to Rice in January 2001 asking
for a Cabinet-level meeting about an imminent Al Qaeda attack (6). The White
House itself admits top Bush officials rejected Clarke's request, saying they
"did not need to have a formal meeting to discuss the threat." (7)

LIE: White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan yesterday denied
Clarke's charge that the president ordered the Pentagon to begin drafting plans
to invade Iraq immediately after 9/11. (8) But according to the Washington
Post,  "six days after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon, President Bush signed a 2-and-a-half-page document" that
"directed the Pentagon to begin planning military options for an invasion of
Iraq." (9) This was corroborated by a September 2002 CBS News report which
reported that, immediately after 9/11, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told
"aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq." (10)

LIE: Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley denied Clarke's
charge that there was an imminent domestic threat against America from Al
Qaeda, saying, "All the chatter [before 9/11] was of an attack, a potential Al
Qaeda attack overseas." (11) But, according to the bipartisan
Congressional report on 9/11, "In May 2001, the intelligence community obtained a
report that Bin Laden supporters were planning to infiltrate the United
States" to "carry out a terrorist operation using high explosives." The report
"was included in an intelligence report for senior government officials in
August [2001]." (12)

LIE: Bush National Security spokesman Jim Wilkinson claimed that "it
was this president who expedited the deployment of the armed Predator" (the
unmanned plane) (13). But, according to Newsweek, it was the Bush
Administration who "elected not to relaunch the Predator" and who did
not deploy the new armed version of it despite "the military having
successfully tested an armed Predator throughout the first half of 2001." (14)

1. President Discusses Economy and Terrorism After Cabinet Meeting,
03/23/2004, http://daily.misleader.org/ctt.asp?u=1158490&l=24284.
2. "August Memo Focused On Attacks in U.S.", Washington Post,
3. "Report Warned Of Suicide Hijackings", CBS News, 05/18/2002,
4. "Italy Tells of Threat at Genoa Summit", Los Angeles Times,
5. American Morning Transcript, 03/22/2004,
6. "Clarke's Take On Terror", CBS News, 03/21/2004,
7. "White House Rebuttal to Clarke Interview", Washington Post,
8. Press Briefing by Scott McClellan, 03/23/2004,
9. "U.S. Decision On Iraq Has Puzzling Past", Washington Post,
10. "Plans For Iraq Attack Began On 9/11", CBS News, 09/04/2002,
11. "Clarke's Take On Terror", CBS News, 03/21/2004,
12. Joint Inquiry of Intelligence Community Activities Before and After
Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, 12/2002,
13. Fox News, 3/22/04
14. Freedom of Information Center, 05/27/2002,

03.22.2004 || 4:10 p.m.

"I find it outrageous that the President is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done such great things about terrorism. He ignored it."

Richard Clarke

03.22.2004 || 10:14 a.m.


So this weekend I: (in no certain order)

  • Tried to tell my friends my need for some type of pulse in ye olde band activity. It didn't work...may have backfired...
  • Figured out to not only make both outputs of the beat up drum machine work... then I figured out how to program it (turns out reading the instructions works)...
  • Also got it to MIDI to my old D-5 synth that has better drummy sounds.
  • Recorded/mapped out SILK drums. Recorded the acoustic gtr part (mine)
  • Did many vocal tries.
  • Got indecisively diatonic and drunk.
  • Asked mommy and daddy for $ to survive. (yes, I am nearly 40...)
  • Yelled at my SO for no apparent reason other than being a fuqhead.
  • Watched a fabulously funny DVD (SORDID LIVES). A Black Comedy About White Trash
  • Read this Syd Barrett bio.

parent o' the century

As one of my psychology profs once said, It's a shame we can't sterilize everyone and make people take a test to get the antidote... Yes, we both realized how fascistic that sounds but considering how many trainwreck parents there are out there...

Rubberneck Rubberneck Rubberneck.

"Miss Love, you're not doing yourself any favors"
Elden Fox, Superior Court Judge

Beware of falling toilets.

UK Dental plan doesn't include BlueTooth sex therapy.

MP3 Quadrophilia?

03.18.2004 || 10:07 a.m.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Shel Silverstein - Where the Sidewalk Ends

I just found this CD when I was cleaning up my cubicle. My 4 yo liked it. I loved it.

Shel: "...sister for sale..."
my kid: "why is he trying to sell his sister?"
Daddy: "...she didn't eat her green beans..."

03.17.2004 || 4:36 p.m.

Good News

Another bad guy nabbed, another child free...
And no. I am not going out drinking tonight. As Ed McMahon said, "I don't party with amateurs..."
March 17 �Saint Patrick , principal patron of Ireland St. Patrick was probably born at Kilpatrick in Scotland in the year 463. His parents were Calpurnius and Conchessa, who were Romans living in Britain. As a boy of about 16 he was taken captive and brought to Ireland, where he worked as a slave. He escaped back to Britain at the age of 22, but it was obvious to him that God was calling him to convert the Irish. He began his studies for the priesthood and was ordained a priest by St. Germanus, bishop of Auxerre, France, under whom he had studied for years. Later Patrick was ordained a bishop and sent by Pope St. Celestine I to take the gospel to Ireland. Patrick arrived in Ireland March 25, 433 at Slane. Patrick and his companions preached and converted thousands and began building churches all over the country. Patrick preached for many years in Ireland converting all of Ireland. After years of living in poverty, traveling and enduring much suffering he died March 17, 461 at Saul where he had built his first church and is buried at Downpatrick.

03.17.2004 || 4:33 p.m.

Liddy Dole Ch347z0rz!!

Earl Allen Haywood (former consultant to a fund-raising committee for NC Sen. Liddy's '02 campaign) pleaded guilty today to mail fraud in an embezzlement scheme involving more than $174k of political contributions. Haywood also raised $ for an entity known as North Carolina's Salute to George W. Bush that spread its funds between Dole, the NC Republican Party and Rep. Robin Hayes, R-N.C. HEY! Ole Robin just answered me back about the Akha-Thailand thing. Oh well, I reckon if he hadn't stolen the money Erskine Bowles would have taken a bigger whoopin.' I wonder how he'll fair this time if Edwards isn't going to run for the Senate again?..

03.16.2004 || 2:36 p.m.

Carlie's Law

Please email your Senator , your Congressional Representative and your Governor to let them know that you want these predators kept in jail.

Here's what I sent to John Edwards, Liddy Dole, Robin Hayes, and Mike Easley.

Once again, a grieving parent makes a plea to the public for help. The suspect in the abduction and murder of Carlie Brucia is a career criminal. Joseph P. Smith had served only 13 months of a possible 43 years for crimes he had committed. When he was arrested and charged in Carlie's murder, he was out of jail on parole.

This time, an entire nation saw the every parent's harrowing nightmare. Images of Carlie's last moments are forever present in our mind's eye. She has become everyone's child. The memory of her being led away and never seen again was a wake-up call to parents and law officials across the country.

Joe Brucia has been talking to lawmakers about proposed legislation to bring sweeping changes in our probation and parole procedures. His goal? Simple: Keep career criminals out of our children's lives.

From the vantage point of a taxpayer/voter/parent I see our “legal system” more inclined to keep non-violent offenders in prison for longer periods while violent animals like Joseph P Smith get to walk free and threaten our children.

Just as we will never forget Adam, Polly, Megan, and Amber; Carlie's legacy will live on. Please support Mr Brucia’s efforts in reference to CARLIE’s LAW.

Ok, so I got my own ax ground as well. But then these effer's work for me.

Carlie's Law Flyer

03.12.2004 || 10:45 a.m.


My list of tunes I'm sending out to someone via the CDXchange Tribe.

Artist - Song (Stuff)

Galaxy Girl - katrina (my bass player's old band [not the techno-DJ artist])
Los Straitjackets - tabouli (TexMex Surf rawk with a touch of the klesmer)
Broken Talent - my god can beat up your god (1st punk rock band I ever saw)
The Leah Quinelle All-Stars Featuring Happy - katie booth (does not feat. Leah Q)
Sondre Lerche - you know so well (very Beatlesque from AstralWerks 2003 comp)
the Houston Bros - roll in the dunes (Two guys from Charlotte that make amazing sounds)
Meat Puppets - I Quit (on a comp Hootie's label put out, I know, but it's the @#%! Meat Puppets! Recognize!!)
Silver Jews - trains across the sea (Stephen Malkmus [Pavement] plays guitar)
Sandra Black - I got my kicks (Cool band from WV that was on the 1st comp my 'Label' put out)
Snüzz - man obsessed (Former Ben Folds Guitarist, also check out International Orange)
4 On the Floor - hit and run (from Rock Hill, SC, singer oft wears a Deer Head.)
John Lee Hooker - dimples (accept no substitute)
Lee Perry/King Tubby - right yo dub (why do I not have a problem with Lee 'Scratch' Perry burning down his studio and I do hate that chick from TLC torching her casa?)
Circle Jerks - grey life (maj label debut of LA's hardcore gems)
John Parish/PJ Harvey - Is that all there is? (great Leiber/Stoller cover by the dynamic duo)
Zap Mama - awakening in (“If your ears are open,” mama Zap Marie Daulne says, “you’ll understand.”)
Booker T & the MGs - can't be still (rave up by Otis Redding's old band)
Lee Perry/King Tubby/Philip Smar t- copycat dub (Watty Burnett in the house)
Plexi - forest ranger (loud managed Chaos)
Frocky Jack - interned (my old band, Live at the Jelly Jam III, me singing about wanting to kill childhood demons)
Eyes Adrift - solid (true Supergroup. feat members from Nirvana, Meat Puppets, Sublime)
Hank Williams - lovesick blues (accept no substitute)
Baleen - journey to wellness (more local boys)
Mogwai - radar maker (Scottish band, I really would rather listen to them than see them live again..file under space rock)
Eno/Schwalm/Czukay - like pictures part#1 (doombilly's traditional ambient Eno ending to your Mix CD)

03.09.2004 || 10:53 a.m.


Oh boy the excitement is underwhelming...

2004-03-09 || 10:48 a.m.


ok I am trying some new stuff.

Eat my shorts!

2004-03-07 || 11:17 a.m.

Amber Alert Canceled for 14 Year Old North Dakota Girl Updated: Saturday 03/06/04 06:27 AM CST The Rolette County North Dakota Sheriff's department canceled the Amber Alert after the girl was found alive and well near Jamestown ND on Friday night March 5. A suspect is being questioned.

Amber Alert Canceled for 21 Month Old Indiana Boy Updated: Saturday 03/06/04 12:13 PM CST The Hancock Indiana County Sheriff's department and the Indiana State Police canceled the Amber Alert after the boy was found safe on Saturday morning. The suspect is being questioned.

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